My local store manager told me that Cinch and/or Spic And Span powder is being discontinued. Is this true?

No, we have no intention of discontinuing any of our great products. If you don't have a local store that sells our products, please click Contact Us, and ask your store manager to stock our products. They do listen to these requests.

Does Cinch contain ammonia?

No, Cinch does not contain ammonia. If you are concerned about using Cinch for your surfaces, contact the item’s manufacturer.

Is Cinch safe to use on hard porous surfaces, such as granite?

Yes, Cinch can be used on granite and other similar surfaces, using the following instructions: Wet surface with warm water then spray on surface, and wipe with paper towel or lint-free cloth/rag.

Can Spic And Span cleaning products be used on all floor surface types?

Spic And Span products can be used on all floor types (except untreated wood), as long as the product is diluted following the instructions on the back label.

What is the best way to remove scuff marks?

Scuff marks can be difficult to remove but Spic And Span liquid can usually get the job done. For best results pour Spic And Span directly onto a moist sponge and squeeze a few times to distribute the cleanser into the sponge. Rub the sponge directly onto the scuff mark with a moderate amount of pressure. Repeat the entire procedure until the scuff mark is gone. Then rinse the sponge and wipe the spot clean. When cleaning wood floors, always test a small area first.

What can I do about stains and spills that come up in between mopping the floor?

You are in luck-we have just introduced a great new product that will make life easier! Anytime a spill or stain occurs, reach for our Touch Up Spray with Orange Cleaning Power. This convenient spray is a quick & effective way to make sure that your floors look great, even in-between moppings.